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Uniformed Security Guards

Since our founding, GUARD PRO has gained invaluable knowledge and expertise in the Industry. Hire us for this service and learn how we cater to the needs of each and every Client, ensuring the results you need and deserve. Problem solving is essential to maintaining our high service level.
We often utilise the services of a trained Guard Dog, especially in holiday periods when crime is on the increase.  Trained Guard Dogs are very useful in the fight against crime and often a very effective but affordable solution.

TrafficLogix Traffic Calming Solutions – Cloud Based

GUARD PRO is the authorised Dealer and Installer for the TrafficLogix Traffic Calming systems in Africa, consisting of Camera Systems able to do on-site ticket issuing as well as Speed Sign Boards.  These systems are of the highest standard in the world achieving excellent results in traffic calming.

All the TrafficLogix systems are managed through a CLOUD system, with updated data at your fingertips, from your computer.
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We have an experienced CCTV team that can install and maintain / upgrade your systems.

Staff Screening Solutions

One of the most important aspects of our business is our staff.  Finding the right person for your needs is our mission.  We take great care and we do proper background checks on all staff, after all, they are there for your security and peace of mind.

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